Reduce your energy bills; reuse your dryer lint!


I know it sounds super-cheap to come up with a way to reuse dryer lint but it’s about more than recycling. Expensive energy bills can really drain your budget- especially if you aren’t aware of easy ways to decrease your energy intake. Reduce those pesky cooling and heating bills by vacuuming your HVAC vents and returns, as well as your dryer vents and filters.

The external dryer vent can set hard like concrete in damp environments (it definitely does in mine!) but chipping away at this and cleaning the filter can mean the difference between one cycle and two in the dryer. Not only will you save money on energy bills, but you’ll spend less time drying your laundry. Lint is also a major cause of house fires so this is economical on a grand scale, as you don’t want to burn your house down!

Not sure how to clean out your dryer lint? Here’s a quick tutorial:
And that vacuumed lint doesn’t need to go to waste! Lint burns like crazy.

lint-firestartersBoy Scouts stuff it in egg cartons and drizzle candle wax over it to get breakaway firestarters that can be used on the go for camping trips or emergency power outages. They’ll light up a fire pretty much anywhere. (I’m making some here to show you how it’s done, and it looks like the flame is close to the lint. It isn’t! Be careful though, that stuff goes up quickly.)

Lint is usually clean (not if you just washed the dog bed!) so you can use it for pet litter, although you may have to check for allergies because there are often chemicals in the washing and drying process. And if you are so inclined, you can use it for art — seriously!

There are so many uses for lint– including reducing your bills– so don’t let this household item go to waste!