You should know this: Hiding from potential assailants


Night walkDon’t be a Target

Why you should hide. If your car breaks down late at night, or you have to walk for whatever reason, learn to play one of the following two hiding games. Become invisible and don’t be attacked.

You are going to learn to hide from cars with people in them and all people, dogs, and cats of all shapes and sizes. Learn to notice everything and everyone around you and don’t be seen. Why should you hide? If no-one can see you, no-one can attack you… right?

So at certain times, times when you are alone – maybe it’s late at night and your car has broken down, whatever the reason – you are going to have to walk.

If you have to walk, late at night, it could pay great dividends if you learn to become very aware of your surroundings, and try to be as invisible as you possibly can be.  How invisible you can become will depend on whether you are in a city, a suburb, a country town, or out in the country. Adapt the following two “hiding techniques” to your environment:

Hiding game technique

Imagine you are in a movie and you’re the big, bad, brave, gung-ho cop, walking out on the streets at night, and you are sneaking up on a bad guy. Move forward and hide from anyone you come across.

Hide from all moving lights (lights are bad in this game). When you think that the coast is clear (the light has gone), continue forward until you make it home or to a safe place. Be as invisible as you possibly can be.  You should be straining your eyes in order to see what’s in the shadows ahead. Look closely for ANY movement!

You win the game when you get home or to a safe place without anyone seeing you.  You come second if you are seen, and you lose if you get attacked.

Another way to use this hide technique

Another technique that you may find more suitable is to stay in your broken down car and just call for help on your phone. Then turn on the radio, sit back and enjoy your little holiday. If someone passes by in a car, or on foot, don’t be seen by him or her. Hide down below the level of your car windows.

You could sit on the passenger’s side; so if you are seen, it will look like someone else has been driving and will be back soon. We don’t need to tell you to lock the doors and wind up the windows now, do we?

Attackers don’t like crowds, so if it looks like you may not be alone, and the driver is nowhere to be seen, an attacker is likely to find someone else to attack.

The possibility of being interrupted in the middle of an attack is a risk an attacker doesn’t want to take. A witness or hero is the last thing an attacker would want! It’s right up there with being hurt.


When you need to get from A to B, try playing the hiding game. If that’s not your game, stay where you are, be invisible, and call for back up. You will find that these games are challenging and good fun as well.