VIDEO: So your plane crashed. What now?


Thousands of flights leave and enter American airports every day, and flying is considered a relatively safe mode of transportation. But here at Self-Reliance Central, we want you to be prepared for the worst, even if the best is more likely.

If your plane crashes on land, there’s little that can be done to protect you. But there’s good news! If your plane crashes in water, your chance of survival is far more likely. Here’s what to do:


Make sure you remember:

-Brace yourself for impact before undoing your seatbelt. After the land, remove obstacles (arm rest, bags, etc.), grab a sturdy stabilizer, and then undo your seatbelt.

-Know where the emergency exits are. Whenever I go on a plane, I count the rows between me and the nearest exit. If you have the number of rows in your head already, you can get to safety faster.

-Get out as fast as you can. Remember in the Titanic? The ship was so huge that it created a vortex in the water, pulling passengers under. Once you hit the water, get out of the plane and swim at least a few yards away.

-Don’t try to take anything with you. Saving your life is enough, you don’t need your luggage.