How to defend your home — without firing your gun


burlarLet’s face it– bad things happen. Burglars want your wealth, criminals want a ransom, deranged people want your life… the list goes on. Police (and government, to some extent) were assembled to protect your property, privacy and safety. But if you’re truly self-reliant, you know that your only constant and reliable source of protection is yourself.

Life-and-death situations exist that require immediate, deadly action. We hope they won’t happen to us; that’s why we bought the gun in the first place. If there is no other option, we’ll use the gun to protect ourselves and our families.

An easy way to deter intruders is to announce your armed status. Don’t tell people directly, and never tell your kids where you keep your firearm. Instead, post a small sign in your front yard, a sticker on your window, or a bumper sticker on your car, with something like, “I support the Second Amendment” or “Protected by the Second Amendment.” Even an NRA bumper sticker will do the job. Any decent criminal will notice these signs and steer clear of a house that could be a danger to them. Result – no shots fired.

We know that owning a gun is for self-defense and it’s not an excuse to shoot someone because we’re hyped up on Hollywood. Even in self-defense, taking another human’s life is traumatizing. We’re going to be scarred from the experience. Not to mention the insurance claims and outrage from anti-Second Amendment activists.

Furthermore, shooting in self-defense doesn’t guarantee you legal safety. You’ll be processed by the police, have to endure a ton of legal paperwork, and will almost definitely be sued by the “victim’s” family. The police will probably confiscate your firearms while they conduct a criminal investigation, too.

Tiny Squirrel

The Squirrel says: Remember that your defense for a home invasion shooting is encapsulated in seven words.”I was in fear of my life.” Unless you get a politically motivated jury, or you were incapacitated through drink or drugs, that should be all the defense you need.

We’ve covered which gun to purchase for home defense, but now we want to address some non-firearm techniques.

Other ways to deal 

But there are many ways to deter intruders without firing a shot. You can try deterring them with defensive landscaping. You can try and think like them and preempt their plans. You can get a dog and leave obvious signs around to indicate it. (Hint, if you have a tiny dog inside, leave a big set of bowls outside!) 

The most crucial one? If you live near enough to a police station, it’s a regular alarm system. When a criminal (and your family, and your neighbors) hear that alarm, they know the police are on the way. It’s an instant red flag. Most of the time, a loud alarm system that calls the police if it is not immediately disabled (by a vocal command from you or a password on the keypad) will spook intruders into fleeing.

Alarm systems don’t have to be expensive; most cost about the same as a mid-quality shotgun and ammunition. It’s not smart or safe to purchase a firearm for self-defense without owning an alarm system. If an intruder stays after the alarm goes off, it’s likely that they are armed and willing to attack, in which case your gun is necessary. Most alarm systems come with a sign to go in your front window that says you are protected by the alarm system company.

Nowadays, most alarm systems come with an app that allows you to alarm and de-alarm from your phone. Mine also also me to train a camera on the front door, to set the thermostat and regulate lighting which is great for when you travel and forget to turn down the heating.

It’s scary to think about intruders in your home. Taking steps to dissuade them and protect yourself makes all the difference.