Safeguard your privacy like a pro with these 7 counter-surveillance tools


As the government grows larger, your privacy shrinks. Luckily, there are new counter-surveillance aids to help safeguard your personal privacy. You don’t need to buy or use each of the ideas mentioned below, but it’s useful to know about them…

…Especially since it’s not only the nosy NSA that wants your information! Cyber hackers can use your computer to steal your money and personal information, leading to identity theft and more.

Counter-surveillance products can be expensive- but they operate as insurance for your privacy. You would spend thousands on fire or flood insurance, why not consider counter-surveillance as cyber insurance?

As one counter-surveillance manufacturer says:

“Many people believe surveillance devices are myths; however surveillance devices are easily purchased on the open market. Bugging devices and telephone taps are an effective means of stalking [you]. Body-Wires and room transmitters are unethical yet common practice. Professional burglars are using vehicle tracking systems to know when and where you are. Understanding that surveillance devices are real and they can be obtained easily for not a lot of money is why counter-surveillance equipment is necessary.”



Here are some of the best counter-surveillance tools that we’ve found on the market. All of these are available through Amazon.:

Wi-Fi signal camera detector

1. This product is under $60 and serves two purposes; detecting hidden cameras and locating WiFi signals. For the price, this detector is a great deal. It runs on two double-A batteries.




Audio Jammer2. An audio jammer is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their private conversations private. This tool emits a white noise masking sound to desensitize nearby microphones. At almost $120, it’s a bit pricier than the first tool we mentioned, but is very effective at blocking eavesdroppers.





3. Although notably more expensive, this bug detecting pen earned a spot on our list. It’s just so cool! Designed to be used covertly, this detector looks like a normal pen but alerts you to bugged cars, telephones and more with a simple vibration. Definitely our favorite on-the-go item.




316a4S6zgLL4. This tool has many tricks up its sleeve, but our favorite is the GPS tracker locator. With this security finder, you will be notified of any GPS trackers attached to your belongings or on your person. Even if the GPS is tiny, you’ll find it with this tracker!



61VuBWIoR9L._SL1107_5. Think surveillance only occurs at your house? Think again! This key immobilizer protects your car from thieves, making sure that your key is the only one accessing your car. Works with most car models.



71kQ+lTTxhL._SL1500_6. With this protective pouch, you can be sure your phone or tablet is not being hacked. The lining of this pouch blocks radio frequency (RF) signals. Wireless devices (like cell phones, GPS, Bluetooth devices etc.) are shielded from outside cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and radio signals, keeping your information secure.



Bug Sweeper
Bug sweeper

7. How about this mega bug-sweeper? Check no one is spying on you at home or at the office.  DBPOWER® Multifunctional GSM Bug Detector Camera Detector Lens Detector Laser Detection Accurately Identify Eavesdropping / Telephone Tapping and Digital Eavesdropping / Tracking / Vehicle Eavesdropping / Wireless Pinhole Cameras / Wired Cameras / Electrical Sources Can Effectively Prevent Eavesdropping / Videotaping / Fraud / Protection of Personal Privacy and Confidential Information?

This product uses the active laser scanning and passive radio frequency sweep combination method can accurately identify eavesdropping, telephone tapping and digital eavesdropping, tracking, vehicle eavesdropping, wireless pinhole cameras, wired cameras, electrical sources can effectively
prevent eavesdropping ,videotaping, fraud, protection of personal privacy and confidential information.


Tiny SquirrelThe Squirrel says: Keeping your computer’s firewalls, virus protection, encryption, VPN, proxy servers and passwords reliable and up-to-date can be just as useful as a physical counter-surveillance item.

Your privacy is worth protecting. Don’t fall victim to a cyber attack!