Condensation is deteriorating your home slowly, how to check, and stop it from happening


Condensation(M2 PressWIRE) – Condensation, the water forming on cold surfaces, is caused by air laden with moisture (humidity being the measure of that moisture content) coming in contact with a cold surface. The cooler the air is, the less moisture it can hold. When air cools, its humidity rises, and if the temperature reaches the dew point, the water condenses on the cold surface.

Slowly but surely condensation is lurking in everyone’s basement, we all ignore the problems and tell-tale signs that comes with it. The reason behind this is because we are all lazy. We keep putting things off or on the back burner, until serious problems occur.

These serious problems are costly and run huge risk in putting a hurting in our pocket. Basement condensation occurs when the weather is warm, and moist air makes contact with the cool surface of the walls in your basement. So instantly create a check list for you to do the following:

1. Check the obvious problem which is basement condensation & basement leakage.

2. Test for condensation: Tape a 10″ x 10″ piece of plastic wrap onto the basement wall in an area where you have saw dampness, sealing the edges of the plastic wrap with the tape. Check on the plastic over the next few days. Eventually you will get moisture: if the moisture is on the wall side of the plastic, you’ve got a leak; if the moisture is on the room side of the plastic, you’ve got a condensation problem.

3. Installation of basement exhaust for air circulation for air flow.

4. Insulating your basement is the overall approach to reduce the extent to which moist air contacts cool surfaces where it can condense. The overall approach, you’ll get to insulate exposed duct work, pipes, walls, and anywhere that water tends to condense. If the moist air can’t reach the cool surfaces, it won’t release water as condensation.


Tiny SquirrelHouse maintenance is a job on its own. Home owners should inspect their homes for anything out of the ordinary. Making a check list of items to fix is a must. Once this check list is done and completed, make a note of things that are slightly out of the ordinary in your own household. Sometimes a “Do-It-Yourself project” fails miserably, having the home owner call a professional to fix the mess that they initially made. Also, following the check list prolongs the longevity of your house, and not only that, makes it an adequate place to live.



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