Wayne LaPierre demolishes Obama


Wayne LaPierre says our nation’s broken background check system is one of the greatest failures in the history of American leadership. He’s right.

We should have background checks, against a list of every prohibited person. Any record of your applications must be destroyed once you’re cleared for purchase. The checklist should include criminals, the mentally ill, and most importantly, be enforced. The problem right now is that the rules are not uniformly applied. Like LaPierre, we are in favor of harsh penalties for people who break the law and attempt to buy firearms despite being legally prohibited from doing so. A message most be sent to discourage this. Currently this is not happening. In 2010, despite 80,000 prohibited persons attempting to purchase a gun, only 44 were ever prosecuted.

As Wayne says, the current system is useless until states actually comply with regulations and keep the databases updated. LaPierre listed a “who’s who” of criminals who had passed background checks, only to proceed to go commit mass murder with a firearm.

Watch this video and you’ll see that LaPierre believes that schools should have armed security, the mental health system should be fixed, federal gun laws should be enforced, and every prohibited person should be entered into the system.

It slays Obama’s weeping pronouncements.