Here’s what you should eat in June: Seasonal fruits and veggies!


Locally-grown produce is great because it helps nearby farmers and ensures your produce is in season. Instead of paying to bring packages of seasonal fruit and vegetables from across the world, try shopping for produce that is grown locally.

May and June are great seasons to start shopping for local fruits and veggies, because so many foods are in season! Here are a few (with recipes included) to get you started:

iuBerries: Blackberries and blueberries are ripe for the picking in June and July. While these fruits are great eaten plain, they are also delicious as jam! Plus, jams can last through berry season and into winter– so when you’re craving summer sweetness in December, you can get out your homemade jam. Try this recipe, from Ball Canning Corporation.



Blattstiele_des_RhabarberGarlic: Although garlic is eaten year-round, it is the most fresh when eaten in late spring/ early summer. Plus, garlic can be dried and saved for use in its off season! Make use of garlic with another seasonal vegetable, kale, in this sautéed side dish from Yummly.

Rhubarb: This seasonal plant is a vegetable, but almost always prepared as a fruit. Rhubarb is best known for its use in pies and other desserts. However, rhubarb is also delicious as a roast! Using this recipe from Saveur Magazine, combine fresh rhubarb with orange juice, honey and spices for an awesome side dish. (Hint: a sweet side dish goes great with pork! Try a simple honey glaze on a pork roast, then serve with braised rhubarb and a fresh loaf of bread. Yum!

To find what fruits and vegetables are in season in your state, use this Seasonal Food Guide. If you’re not in America, use this guide for European produce.