How to stay safe in a parking garage


Northwest_Parking_Garage,_OSUIt’s hard to feel safe in an echoing, empty parking garage, especially at night. Getting attacked in a parking deck is a very real and scary possibility for anyone, and records show that the majority of these attacks are aimed towards women. While there is no way to truly avoid danger in these situations, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure that you are less susceptible to an attack. Check out these tips to stay safe!

  • Be aware of your surroundings when walking to your car. Avoid texting or talking on the phone so that you can be alert to any potential dangers around you.
  • Have your keys ready as you approach your car. Fumbling for your keys while standing still makes you vulnerable to an attacker.
  • Look around you for suspicious persons to make sure you aren’t being followed. If you are being followed, flee the situation as quickly as possible while making a lot of loud noise such as yelling or blowing a whistle if you have one. This will likely deter the attacker while you find a safe location with other people to call for help.
  • Check the area around (and in) your car before getting in. Potential attackers can crouch behind the back of your car, or inside the backseat if they’ve broken into the vehicle.
  • If you are putting a child into a car seat, don’t become distracted from your surroundings. Keep your body at an angle instead of having your back completely turned towards the parking deck. An attacker could approach from behind if you aren’t paying attention.
  • Once you’re in the car, lock the doors and leave. Don’t sit idly and do other things such as checking your phone.
  • If a suspicious van or large vehicle is parked beside you, enter your car from the opposite side. This will prevent someone in the large vehicle from pulling you into their car.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Visit the National Safety Commission website for more information on how to be safe in a parking situation.

Stay safe out there!