Putin threatens world with new nuke designed to destroy Texas

Image: Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, Public Domain
Image: Satan II, Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, Public Domain

Vladimir Putin is expanding his aggression against the West, rolling out a new nuclear missile designed to destroy an area of the size of Texas.

Ominously nicknamed “Satan 2,” the RS-28 Sarmat rocket can deliver 15 nuclear warheads to a target 7,000 miles away.

That makes it “capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” Russia’s government-run Sputnik news announced.

“If its military abilities are real, which is what everybody expects, it’s quite a formidable weapon. A very formidable weapon. It can hit any target on any side of the United States, for instance,” CNN’s senior international correspondent Matthew Chance tells the network.

The missile is designed to strike the United States. The interior of the United States is only 6,000 miles from Russia, within the missile’s range.

“It can evade missile defenses quite effectively as well. It’s a pretty awesome sort of missile, but hopefully it won’t ever be used,” Chance tells CNN.

One can hope all they want, but this missile is designed to be used.