Proposed bill would allow ‘gun-free zone’ victims to sue business owners

Photo: Michael Howard/Flickr (cc by-nc 2.0)
Photo: Michael Howard/Flickr (cc by-nc 2.0)

Some liberal gun-grabbers think victims of gun violence should be allowed to hold gun and ammo manufacturers legally responsible for the crimes of others. However, a new bill from a Missouri lawmaker flips that idea on its head. House Bill 96, proposed by Rep.-elect Nick Schroer, would allow victims of violence in “gun-free zones” to sue the business that banned them from carrying a weapon for self-defense:

“The proposal, known as House Bill 96, which would apply when a person who is authorized to carry a firearm, is prohibited from doing so by a business and is then injured by another person or an animal.”

If the injured person could otherwise have used a gun for self-defense, they could sue the business, which “assume(s) custodial responsibility for the safety and defense of any person” on their property who could carry.

Schroer hopes the bill would prevent tragedies like the 2012 Aurora, Colo., theater shooting. The theater in which James Holmes carried out his attack was a gun-free zone.

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H/T: PJ Media