The Conservative Case For Trump

Image: Kelly McCarthy
Image: Brett Decker by Kelly McCarthy

The Conservative Case for Trump

I’ll come clean. Brett is a dear friend. He has been involved in the Trump Campaign since before there was one and he worked with the late, great Phyllis Schlafly on this insightful book.

If you weren’t convinced about Donald Trump during the election process, preferring the more mainstream conservative candidates, then you need to read this book so you know where the new President is coming from. In it, you’ll learn from conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly—lawyer, bestselling author, and “sweet- heart of the Silent Majority”—why Donald Trump is worthy of every conservative’s faith.

Joined by Ed Martin, the former head of the Missouri Republican Party,and Brett Decker, formerly an editorial writer with the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, Schlafly presents the real Trump, the Trump she and her colleagues met with and interviewed, the Trump who promises to be the most conservative president America has had since Ronald Reagan.

Sadly, Phyllis passed away on the eve of the book’s publication and most of the promotion for it has been performed by Brett (pictured above). I attended one of the book launch parties and after reading The Conservative Case for Trump my faith in Trump was reinforced. No one can tell what will happen but I hope that like Reagan, Trump can work some small government, low-tax magic to bring back our economy and start to fix the things that ail us.

As a movie producer once said to me: “It’s not a problem if money can fix it.” In America’s case most of our problems can be solved by a return to national prosperity.

Like Reagan, Trump has inherited an America on the ropes, an America transformed into an unhappy, unprosperous, weakened, and divided nation. He saw off Hillary Clinton, a far left ideologue who considers herself above the law, because he is the antidote to all that—a first-time politician who could actually live up to his campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again.”

Schlafly revealed in The Conservative Case for Trump
1. How Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court (on which Schlafly advised him) could be the most consequential in a century
2. How, unlike any other Republican, Trump could actually fix the nation’s immigration mess
3. Why his economic platform could spark an economic revival on the scale of the Reagan boom of the 1980s (it is based on much the same plan)
4. How Trump will defend the First Amendment—guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion—against an ever more dictatorial Left
5. Why Trump’s fresh thinking on defense and foreign policy is long overdue—and could send terrorism into rapid retreat51qpolwdiel-_sy346_

Donald Trump is the most controversial Republican presidential candidate since Barry Goldwater, and could be the most conservative and successful since Ronald Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly makes an irrefutable case that needs to be shared with every wavering voter.

Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake. If you buy only one political book this year, it has to be The Conservative Case for Trump