Arms maker offering customers a Trump discount on silencers

Photo: CC0
Photo: CC0

A major armament company is offering a Trump-inspired promotion to sell silencers to shooting enthusiasts:

All Silencers (excluding rimfire) Currently Shipping from Griffin Armament from 3/10/2017 onward until close of promotion (TBD) include two $100.00 coupons which can be redeemed by sending them in to the address listed on the coupon. The end user will then get a coupon code for $200 of store credit emailed to the email they provided. This store credit is valid only at and applies to select muzzle devices and silencer accessories. Silencer boxes containing coupons are sealed with a gold seal. Contact your dealer to verify that the silencer you are purchasing has a gold seal. Make Silencers Great Again!

The $200 store credit matches the federal tax charged on silencers, meaning you can get a silencer practically tax-free.

Gun sales have slowed down now that Hillary Clinton is no longer a threat to the Second Amendment. However, industry officials believe sales will pick up again once Trump makes good on his promise to cut the $200 silencer tax:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry voice, said that gun stores are banking on a sales boom in silencers, now difficult and costly to legally buy.

“Looking ahead, the new administration will make the shooting sports safer and far more noise friendly. As it becomes more affordable with less red tape, our customers will respond in droves,” Jeanelle Westrom, who owns Davenport Guns in Iowa, said in an NSSF report.

The Hearing Protection Act was introduced in the House in January by Reps. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) and John Carter (R-Texas). Unfortunately, it could be awhile before Congress approves it — which is exactly why Griffin Armament is holding the Trump Bucks promotion.