Marines in epic Nerf gun battle. Haters hate.


Wow! Social media whiners are such special snowflakes!

Everyone knows that The Marines and Navy often put on events on bases around the world. It helps to keep the families involved with military life, fosters rapport and is basically – FUN!

These Marines held an epic Nerf fight with kids on base in Yokosuka, Japan, with families of the military stationed there. Kids seem to have loved it. Families all got together for some quality time. All looks like great fun to me.

But when it appeared on social media there were comments that this was just another form of indoctrination. “these are kids, don’t make them soldiers” and “they are just practicing for the children they will actually go kill in the middle east” and “America… War is funny, right?” and this one “Lol, the USA has no standards, just like the Russians with their military amusement park. Keep glorifying war to children, normalize killing and the use of weaponry, let’s make sure the human race doesn’t get to see the second half of the 21st century. At least I know my country still has enough sense to disallow this kind of bullshit, and for those who think it’s okay, you really need to take a good long look at yourself and your country. This is some sparta shit, you wouldn’t see that in Spain, France, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Italy, etc because its f**king weird.”