5 things not to wear while traveling

Image: Pixaby, Unsplash, CC0, https://pixabay.com/en/users/Unsplash-242387/

Like many Americans, I love traveling to other countries. There’s something exciting about exploring a different way of living. I enjoy tasting exotic foods, visiting cultural icons and soaking up a nation’s history right from its source.

While traveling abroad is often fun and rewarding, it’s important to remember to be respectful. Any good prepper should research the country they’re visiting first, to make sure they adhere to the country’s culture. Pickpockets and muggers seek out the obvious tourists to steal from– so don’t be a victim!

Here are five things NOT to wear while traveling abroad:

  1. Shorts. Skip this one if you’re hiking somewhere sensitive. Otherwise, shorts should be saved for places they are definitely accepted, like a beach. Visitors wearing thigh-bearing shorts will not be allowed past the gates of many religious sites. Baring too much skin can be seen as an insult, and is generally considered inappropriate (for both men and women).
  2. Tank tops/ strapless tops and dresses. Just like shorts, tank tops and strapless tops are too revealing for religious sites. Make sure to bring a long sleeved cardigan or sweatshirt to cover up for religious sites, then take the cardigan off to walk around outside in the sun. (A cardigan will also be useful for air-conditioned museums and restaurants!)
  3. Backpacks. While backpacks are great for hiking and maneuvering through an airport, they’re not as useful in a crowded city street. Since the backpack opens from behind you, a pickpocket can easily reach in and steal your belongings without you even noticing. Instead, leave your backpack in your hotel, and carry a cross-body bag with a zipper. The strap crossing your chest and back makes the bag hard to steal, and a zipper keeps your belongings from falling out.
  4. Political, religious, or offensive t-shirts. This should be obvious, but don’t wear an explicit t-shirt while traveling. What’s funny to you may be infuriating to someone else– your joke t-shirt isn’t worth a fight. On that note, a shirt saying “I LOVE NYC” screams “TOURIST.” Don’t set yourself up to be mugged!
  5. Fancy jewelry. Really, who do you need to impress while traveling? Leave your pearls at home and stick to the bare minimum for traveling. If you do bring jewelry, save it for special occasions, and leave it in a hotel safe while you explore during the day.

Have a great time traveling, and stay safe!