A new battle-ready SUV is turning heads for its shocking simplistic design and 100-year warranty. The construction of the Partisan One is reminiscent of scaffolding and is actually delivered in a lightweight assembly kit, making it easier to drop the vehicle into warzones. The SUV is also somewhat sparse, only coming with the most basic components. (Can anyone say IKEA?)

Partisan One’s shape takes the two-box design to its logical extreme with an ultra angular front end and large rectangle for the passenger compartment. There’s not a single curvy line visible on the SUV.As a military vehicle, survivability is a major concern. The circular recesses along the exterior act as points for attaching armor plates. There would also be locations underneath the vehicle for fitting V-shaped armor as protection against explosives in the ground.

Partisan Motors, which was founded by Dr. Juri E. Postnikov, a Russian engineer and the designer of the Partisan One, is offering a 100-year warranty on the vehicle that includes coverage for “the entire car in addition to its wearing parts.” According to CNET, Postnikov asserts that the SUV is “the best car for the world’s worst roads.”

The company also states that the vehicle can survive 50 years of military use or more. Partisan Motors has suggested the cost of the Partisan One would be about $58,500, though it doesn’t seem like they’re anywhere close to being ready to take orders just yet.