Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Gun Nuts’ Are Taking My Crotch-Grabbing Video ‘Out Of Context’


Is Jimmy Kimmel a hypocrite? And why did he use the expression “gun nuts” to smear people who are claiming he is. A week after politicizing the actions of one man in Vegas he stayed silent on the actions of one man in Hollywood. That’s aside from his relentless Trump-bashing and his misinformation campaign on health care.

He defended his decision not to go after Harvey Weinstein immediately after the scandal broke in an interview with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach, and blamed “gun nuts” for spreading a years-old video of him telling women to grab his crotch, saying it was taken “out of context.”

The questions remain – is he a hypocrite – and why do people watch him? (Personally, I don’t. Do you? And if so what do you like about him?)