What is Malt?


We often see the name – it’s everywhere. It’s that nutty, sweet flavor. It’s in your beer, your bagels, your milkshakes, but though everybody knows the name, nobody can say what it is. So, what exactly is Malt?


Unsurprisingly it’s made of grain. But why malt is special is a completely different matter. Malt is the product of germinating a grain in water, and then stopping it from germinating further by blasting it with hot air. This allows the starches to turn into the sweet malty sugars that we taste in our day to day lives. This video shows you how to do this at home.

Tip: Malt powder is an excellent high calorie food source. Antarctic explorers carried it for its portability and energy content: they even named a mountain range after Horlick, the inventor of malted milk!

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