VIDEO: The risks of taking Ibuprofen


It’s an all too common instance nowadays to discover the danger of drugs. But instead of the ones we expect, they’re often over-the-counter medicines.

This time, scientists from the BMJ (British Medical Journal) have found that taking drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and other pain relievers can increase risk of heart attack by up to 50% (

There is always an underlying risk associated with any drug. After all, they change the way the body functions, and with that often come side effects. You notice it in the fine print on the label – risk of nausea, headaches, ulcers, and even strokes and heart attacks.

Medical data was collated and analyzed from over 446,000 patients from Canada and Europe, with over 60,000 of the group having a cardiac event.

They were all taking NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for a minimum of one week and up to one month near the time of their cardiac event, but the year before had not been taking the drugs. Analysis of these results showed a link between short term regular use and increased risk of heart attack.

Pain relief will of course always be of great importance, but it’s now equally important to take into account and establish the risks involved with some medicines.

It’s crucial for those with existing heart conditions to talk with their doctors to discuss their best choices as concerns painkillers, and to consult whether they will work with medications already being taken.

As so many products’ secrets are unravelled, news about the dangers of some medicines make us ask – which seemingly innocuous substance is next?