Get the popcorn, the Ladies kicked up on the Hill


Watch Diamond & Silk testify before Congress and see all hell break loose. Sparks fly as Diamond and Silk testimony. Democrats clashed with pro-Trump personalities Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson better known as “Diamond and Silk” over alleged social media bias against conservatives during a House Judiciary hearing.

However, now the ladies, have now been accused of making false statements to Congress about being paid by the President’s campaign. They were called to Capitol Hill in order to deliver testimony during the Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms hearing, but the hearing descended into chaos when some members of the committee walked out during Diamond and Silk’s testimony and the pair were accused of lying about Trump campaign payments. The “false statements” the ladies are accused of include their claim that they had never been paid by the Trump campaign and that Facebook had never reached out to them after they accused the company of censoring their content.