President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was a ball buster.


So the elites mocked him. The UN staffers, bureaucrats and the privileged and taught Ambassadors laughed when he bragged on America’s successes in employment, economic growth and international diplomacy. They should have such success! But he plowed on and took apart the failed systems of communism and socialism, stressed the importance of America exceptionalism and generally ripped on our enemies like Iran.

You know what did not come up? Not one word, not one syllable, not one reference to climate change or global warming at the United Nations in the speech by President Trump.

Listen and make your own assessment of the President and his views about national sovereignty. These basic concepts of sovereignty and avoiding interventionism are the fundamental pillars of Trump’s doctrine. What progressives trash as nationalism and populism is actually a return to the sovereignty of the democratic nation state.

And afterwards he held a frank and honest 80-minute press conference. Of course, it’s being ridiculed and vilified by the Left, but most of his supporters think he knocked it out the park. You decide. I’ve dropped it in below. Leave your comments as usual.