Hypocrisy. Ralph Northam and The Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party


Bear with me. This is a lecture on the hypocrisy of the Left as exemplified by one man. A man who started with such promise as a doctor and a member of the U.S. Army Medical Corps. A man who went on to become the current Governor of Virginia, beating out a well-known Republican in a purple state. This is the story of Ralph Northam. A man who looks good on paper, but falls apart under the disinfectant of sunshine.

Northam is currently under fire for a photo in his med school yearbook in which he is pictured as either a black-faced man or a KKK clansman in full attire. His racism was on show here, as even in 1982 this would have been frowned upon.

When we fast forward to his campaign for governor of Virginia, we see that he had the black man running for lieutenant governor photoshopped out of his campaign literature.

Moving on to his army career. Northam has claimed:

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, I have seen what military-style weapons do to the human body while caring for our troops in Operation Desert Storm,” Northam says in an online video. And this:

As a veteran, I served during Desert Storm and I took care of wounded soldiers who were on the receiving end of assault weapons. I know what assault weapons do to human beings. I want to tell you all something, and I hope it’s something you will stand up for. We do not need assault weapons on the streets in our state.”

According to this great article on Red State, the odds of a pediatric neurologist stationed in a completely different command having had a life-changing experience by treating small arms wounds approach zero. He served. That’s enough. Why would he try to big it up?

Ralph Northam’s Service Record. Via Red State

Was this the reason it resurfaced this week?

The yearbook photo was leaked in the same week as he, a trained and qualified pediatrician, argued for infant murder should a mother decide upon it after just giving birth. Personally, I wonder whether this is what pushed a fellow med student to come forward with the yearbook photo. Ed Gillespie’s team never found it and it would have silenced the claim that Northam made about GOP racists (see video below). But a doctor who saw the sickening video below might have decided that enough was enough and Ralph had to be stopped.

Northam endorsed the vile campaign ad below which depicts supporters of Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as Confederates in tanks who attack defenseless minority children.

And in case you were wondering whether this is limited to the blind ambition of just one man, here’s Prager U on the real history of the Democratic Party.