Iconic gun manufacturer moves operations from New York to Alabama

Image: ROC

The CEO of Remington Arms has confirmed New York’s tough gun laws did play a role in its decision to relocate a major manufacturing plant to Alabama. The company opened a manufacturing plant in Huntsville in 2014 following New York’s anti-firearm legislation passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook, CT shooting. This is where their  AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles from BushmasterDPMS, and Remington Remington R-15 and 1911 style R-1 pistols are built.

In a letter to New York officials, Remington Outdoor Company CEO George Kollitides said the company’s decision was brought about by “state policies affecting use of our products.” The letter was first reported in the New York Daily News.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks said: “Last week the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama enjoyed a great economic victory when Remington Outdoor Company announced 2,000 new jobs and a new firearms manufacturing plant in the Valley. 

“Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that hard-working Americans who believe in the 2nd Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms [quote] ‘have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.’ [end quote]

“No question, Alabama and the Tennessee Valley owe a debt of gratitude to New York and its Governor Cuomo for helping to inspire Remington to expand in Alabama.

“But, to be fair, New York’s hostility to the 2nd Amendment is only one factor supporting Remington’s Alabama expansion. 

“The most important factor is that Alabama is simply a better place to do business. 

“New York’s income tax rates are roughly 60 percent higher than Alabama’s, which means Alabama’s hard-working citizens keep more of the money they earn.

“New York’s per capita property tax rates are roughly four times higher than those in Alabama, which means Huntsville Metro citizens are twice as likely to own a home as New Yorkers.

“New York’s business tax burden is 50th worst in America, while Alabama’s is a respectable 21st.

“New York residents are 25 percent more likely to live in poverty than Huntsville metro citizens. 

“Out of 50 states, Alabama’s long-term solvency is 5th best in America, and its overall fiscal condition is 10th best.  New York’s financial condition is near the bottom, ranking 45th in each category.

“Alabama’s financial future is bright.  New York increasingly risks being unable to pay for basic services. 

“New York workers average commuting 78 minutes a day to and from work, versus 36 minutes a day for Huntsville metro citizens.  Tennessee Valley citizens have more time to spend with their families and the enjoyment of life. 

“In Alabama, the cost of living is 11 percent below the national average.  In New York, the cost of living is 25 percent above the national average.  A paycheck in Alabama buys 40 percent more than the same paycheck in New York.

“Alabama’s Right to Work Law means that Alabamians cannot be forced to join a union against their will. 

“Whether it be our Right to Work Law or the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, Alabama’s motto says it all:  ‘We dare defend our rights!’

“But beating out New York was only half the battle for Remington’s new plant.  Alabama faced stiff competition from 24 other states.

“Yet, in the judgment of Remington, the Tennessee Valley was the best place to live, work and grow their business. Why?

“The Tennessee Valley is highly educated.  For example, Huntsville metro has the highest per capita concentration of engineers in America!

“Huntsville and Madison County are ranked: #7 in America by CNN Money as ‘a great place to live and find a job’, #4 in America by the Progressive Policy Institute on the list of America’s high tech hot spots, in the Top 10 in America by USA Today as a great place to be inspired by innovation, #3 in America by Business Facilities for aerospace and defense manufacturing, and in the Top 10 in America by Family Circle magazine for being a great place to raise a family.

“The Tennessee Valley is blessed with a clean environment and four major lakes with world-renowned fishing and water sports, lakes that stretch the entire length of the Tennessee Valley.

“Unlike New York and other Blue States, in Alabama, envy, greed and class warfare are not political weapons that justify attacking, taxing and destroying success.   To the contrary, in Alabama, we applaud those who, through hard work, find prosperity and the American Dream. 

“In Alabama, we are blessed with a great governor in Robert Bentley.  We are blessed with political leaders in Jackson, Marshall, Madison, Limestone, Morgan, Lawrence, Colbert and Lauderdale counties who support free enterprise and are cooperative and willing to help each other achieve success, attributes that were critical to Remington’s concluding that the Tennessee Valley was the best place in America for Remington to grow and prosper.

“Thanks to Remington, Americans will soon be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights by buying and owning firearms made in the Great State of Alabama. 

“Thank you Remington!

“And as for all you other businesses in Blue States who are tired of being attacked, and regulated, and taxed into submission and financial loss, come on down!  There is a reason why Remington chose Alabama, and a reason why we are called Alabama the Beautiful! Try Alabama!  I promise you will like it and wonder why you didn’t come sooner.”