Liberal journalist mocks Trump for tractor comment, exposes own ignorance

Image: Photo source: Pixabay, Sloozeberry, CC0 Public Domain,

If there’s one thing liberals love more than mocking middle America, it’s pretending they’re intellectually superior to everyone else.

Unfortunately for a major liberal reporter, this time it ended in an epic faceplant.

Attempting to mock President Trump for comments made in a speech to Iowa farmers about rural internet access, Aaron Rupar, associate editor for the far-left news site Vox, only proved it’s coastal elite liberals who are the backwater hillbillies.

“Beyond parody — Fox Business cuts away from Trump’s speech right after he laments, bizarrely, that tractors can’t hook up to the internet,” sneered Rupar, on Twitter, assuming he just completed an epic dunk on Trump.

One problem.

Many tractors are supposed to be linked to the internet.

It’s called “precision agriculture,” which reduces water, pesticide and fertilizer use by using space-based satellites to scan fields and determine where crops most need water, pesticide and fertilizer — instead of the old method in which they were applied to the entire field.

The satellites beam information directly to farmers in their tractors. Some tractors are even unmanned, and are guided by satellites to the needed areas.

But Rupar, an isolated and backwards liberal journalist, never ventured outside his latte-and-performance-art bubble to learn about modern technology.

Just five days earlier Rupar and others staged a walkout at Vox, claiming they weren’t being paid enough for their “reporting.”

Now we know why.

And they wonder why people tell them to “learn to code.”