Red tide rising: Another Communist elected on promise to impose beliefs ‘by any means necessary’


Less than a year after a wave of open Socialists were elected to Congress, a former Denver City Council President lost to an avowed Communist running on a platform of imposing Communism “by any means necessary.”

“Candi CdeBaca won a runoff race last week against former Denver city council president Albus Brooks, and she did it by promising to implement communist policies ‘by any means necessary,'” The American Mirror reports.

“CdeBaca was among three candidates that unseated incumbents in the Tuesday runoff, preliminary results show, and she’s already drawing comparisons to Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old who unseated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th congressional district in 2018,” the Mirror reports.

CdeBaca isn’t just an open Communist. She is aggressively Communist and promotes the “late state capitalism” conspiracy theory that equates capitalism with a cancer that must be sliced out.

“I don’t believe our current economic system actually works. Um, capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system, something has to be exploited, that’s land, labor or resources,” CdeBaca told a candidate forum. “And I think that we’re in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn’t work and we have to move into something new, and I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources and distribution of those resources,” she continued. “And whatever that morphs into is I think what will serve community the best and I’m excited to usher it in by any means necessary.”

Comparing her election to warfare, CdeBaca rallied her followers on Facebook.

“We built this movement off of many other small battles that we did not ‘win’ but that we used as preparation for this battle,” she wrote “We will do the same with this victory. This is just the beginning. This is preparation for the next battle.”