Islamic regime caught bankrolling anti-Trump Resistance videos

Image Credit: YouTube, AJ+

A series of viral videos used by anti-Trump “Resistance” activists to influence U.S. elections are funded by the Islamic state of Qatar, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Not only would this appear to be a foreign attempt to interfere in U.S. elections, Qatar is an accused state sponsor of terrorism.

“AJ+, or Al Jazeera Plus, frequently uses its platform as one of the largest viral video makers on Facebook to criticize America as homophobic, racist, anti-worker, plagued with violence and repressive to women,” the Free Beacon reports.

“AJ+ frequently paints America as militaristic and authoritarian while fashioning itself as a voice of young progressives,” the Free Beacon reports. “It weighed in on a local race, saying a new mayor had been ‘accused’ of being ‘pro-police.'”

While the foreign state and accused terrorist sponsor is hoping to defeat Trump in the 2020 election by radicalizing women and gay voters, Qatar itself is one of the world’s most violently oppressive regimes to women and gays.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and carries a prison sentence of seven years.

The Qatari-funded videos also take aim at Trump and Republicans for laws requiring parental consent for abortion, though in Qatar women who seek abortions are imprisoned for five years, something Trump and Republicans oppose.