Communist Party USA declares victory as Democrats adopt their platform


Communist Party USA is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and is declaring victory in its century-long drive to establish the United States as a Communist nation — citing the Democratic Party’s adoption of nearly its entire platform.

CPUSA members, preparing for its June 21-23 national convention in Chicago, have unveiled a platform and series of policy resolutions virtually identical to those of the Democratic Party.

“(P)arty members will vote on resolutions on expanding voting rights, legalizing illegal immigrants and opposing Republicans in the 2020 elections — largely echoing what one might hear at a Democrat-led press conference on Capitol Hill nowadays,” The Washington Times reports.

“The left is very excited that Sanders has normalized socialism, and in a sense he’s doing what they wanted to do,” Harvey Klehr, a history professor at Emory College who specializes in the American left, tells the Times. “So now I imagine those in the CPUSA think they’re not members of the Democratic Party but they want to take it over.”

Communists are also enthusiastically embracing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” as a Communist Party victory, and will formally endorse it in convention.

Other resolutions, demanding changes to immigration laws, expansion of unionization and condemnations of President Trump, are nearly identical to those proposed by Democrats.

Communists have even changed their slogan from “People Before Profits” to “People And Planet Before Profits” to follow the Democratic Party’s embrace of environmentalism as the vehicle to turn America socialist.