Democrats sneak gun bans into must-pas spending bill

    Photo: Randall Goya/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

    Realizing a frontal assault on gun rights will backfire on Election Day, congressional Democrats are now using must-pass spending bills to strip gun owners of constitutional protections.

    Gun Owners of America reports a bill intended to fund the Commerce Department, Justice Department and science agencies is loaded with “riders” that repeal important pro-gun protections.

    If passed, anti-gun activists in the federal government would be free to threaten banks that do business with gun companies, ban the importation of certain firearms, and rogue elements of the Justice Department would be free to once again sell weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

    GOA reports that in H.R. 3055:

    Gone is the amendment which would prohibit the government from blocking certain shotguns from being imported.

    Gone is the amendment prohibiting the government from coercing banks and credit card companies to bankrupt gun dealers and manufacturers by cutting off credit and banking services — the “Operation Choke Point” amendment.

    Gone is the amendment prohibiting the administrative implementation of the UN arms trade treaty — with its gun bans and forced registration — all without Senate ratification.

    Gone is the amendment ensuring that curios and relics can continue to be imported into the US.

    And gone is the “Fast & Furious” amendment which would prohibit the ATF from arming Mexican drug cartels.

    The bill also sets aside money for a program to forcibly confiscate firearms from veterans without due process of law, despite a Trump administration announcement such a rule had been repealed.

    The FBI spy scandal is proof that while Trump is President, the opposition still controls the inner workings of government.

    If passed, this bill means those rogue elements could declare war on American gun owners. GOA is urging Americans to contact their Member of Congress and demand they vote against final passage of H.R. 3055.