Trump wants to pay you to kill pythons


If this isn’t the best job ever, it’s close.

The Trump administration announced Florida’s Everglades National Park will now pay people to kill invasive pythons.

The National Parks Service previously relied on about two dozen volunteers to catch the invasive snakes, but that wasn’t enough to keep up with the fast-breeding pests, so they’re opening up the harvest to the people who always solve America’s problems — the gun-owning public.

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, himself a hunter, prompted the change, which allows up to 120 members of the public to get permits to hunt snakes in the park, as well as allowing the use of shotguns.

“We’re inviting people that are interested in helping us tackle this problem come into the park and help us remove as many of these animals as we can out of the landscape,” Pedro Ramos, superintendent of Everglades National Park, tells the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

“Although applications are currently closed, the wildlife commission soon will be seeking applicants for the python hunting program. Applicants must have some snake-catching experience, an absence of wildlife violations and undergo training,” the Sun-Sentinel reports.

A similar program on nearby lands is already putting a dent into python numbers while putting some bulge in hunters’ wallets.

“The South Florida Water Management District pays eligible hunters $8.10 an hour to look for pythons on its vast landholdings, which encompass much of the Everglades, although not Everglades National Park,” the Sun-Sentinel reports. “Hunters get a $50 bonus for every python measuring at least 4 feet, with $25 for each foot beyond. They receive an additional $200 for each eliminated python nest with eggs.”

In its first year, contracted hunters have harvested over 800 pythons, which are not native to Florida. A small number of pythons that decades ago either escaped from their owners, or were intentionally released, have grown into a massive invasive population decimating native species.