President Trump’s Baltimore Twitterstorm Triumph


President Trump has used Twitter to outfox and out maneuver the fake news media for years.

His latest twitterstorm shows just how well he uses his ability to talk directly to the American people to highlight truths the media would rather you ignore.

The President began by simply pointing out some simple facts about the crime-ridden city of Baltimore:

The President turned up the heat and threw in some astute political advice as well:

Then, President Trump turned his fire back on his target Rep. Eiljah Cummings and the self-evident failure of his tenure as a Congressman:

As you can imagine, this sent the outrage police on the Left into a tizzy. They blasted President Trump as a racist and all the other barbs they casually toss at the President.

Instead of backing down, President Trump doubles down by noticing how double standards really work:

Finally, the President takes a victory lap while pointing out Rep. Cummings own home was robbed. The fake news decides the crime is all the President’s fault before realizing the robbery occurred BEFORE President Trump’s first tweet.

No wonder the Left hates President Trump. He’s beating them at their own game.

Image: Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ, USA