Trump Supporters Pick Up Garbage in Baltimore While Media ATTACKS Them


After President Trump smacked Baltimore’s failed Congressman Elijah Cummings for attacking the Border Patrol while his own district was wallowing in filth, the fake news media went off on President Trump complaining that the garbage in the streets of Baltimore was somehow his fault. Motivated by the President’s tweets and the hysterical overreaction by the fake news media, some MAGA supporters decided to do something about the trash problem in Baltimore.

Scott Pressler used his social media account to ask for volunteers to come to Rep. Cumming’s West Baltimore district to pick up trash and help the citizens of that blighted neighborhood.

Pressler got hundreds of volunteers who cleand up trash, cut grass and generally did more for West Baltimore than Elijah Cummings had in his decades in Congress. Residents of West Baltimore speak out about this initative

Take a look at the difference one man made in just a few hours. In total, the MAGA volunteers removed 12 tons of trash from the streets of West Baltimore.

Of course, the dysfunctional Baltimore government was of absolutely no help.

Despite the difficulties, the event was a raging success.

A simple act designed to unite people across ideologies and regions should be fodder for the national media. This is the kind of thing they usually say Donald Trump and his “deplorable” supporters are incapable of. A true man bites dog story.

If you heard about this event at all, then you know exactly how the fake news media covered it . . . They went on the attack:

Instead of seeing this event for what it was, a genuine attempt to help people, the Leftist media squeezes it through their weird ideological prism to make this lovely gesture into a sermon of hate.

Remember that the next time a Democratic Presidential candidate spouts off about President Trump’s divisiveness or a CNN contributor complains about Trump driving wedges through the body politic.