Google Exposed: Whistleblower Comes Forward to Shatter Tech Giant


A Google insider has finally come forward to expose the tech giant’s plans to, in their own words, “help society reach a more equitable state via product intervention.”

Zachary Vorhies was a senior software engineer at Google for many years.

However, after Vorheis began looking closely at what Google was doing behind the scenes and realizing Google was misleading Congress and the American people, he decided to come forward.

First, Vorheis leaked internal company documents which showed Google was bent on manipulating search results to advance their own Far Left political interests. In addition, Vorheis’s leaked documents showed that Google had been “blacklisting” conservative news sites. Google had claimed publicly they did not engage in blacklisting.

After the initial leak, Vorheis was outed by an anonymous Twitter user who is suspected of being a Google company insider. A short time later, Google sicced the police on Vorheis claiming he needed a “mental health check.” You can see body cam video of Vorheis accosted by the police in this video.

Google lawyers then tried to capture all of Vorheis’ electronic devices to ensure no more damaging information could be leaked. Vorheis was driven to create a “deadman’s switch” in order to ensure his safety.

Watch his incredible story and see how the tech giant Google is using its position to rig elections and force their opinions on millions of unsuspecting Americans.

Watch it soon because there is no telling how long Google will allow this information to be freely available.