McConnell announces Senate will consider ‘red flag’ raids, background checks

Image: Office of the AG of CA [Public domain],

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who appeared be the only thing stopping the biggest expansion of gun control in 25 years, announced last week he will push ahead with “red flag” gun confiscation raids and a plan to expand federal background checks that are being used to track gun owners.

“The president called me this morning about this, he’s anxious to get an outcome. So am I,” McConnell told a Kentucky news radio program.

McConnell said so-called “red flag” laws allowing police to conduct no-knock raids on gun owners and seize their firearms without due process of laws and an expansion of the National Instant Check System, which audits repeatedly show is being used to compile lists of gunowners and where they live, are “two items that for sure will be front and center.”

President Trump has repeatedly announced his support of both and has sent his daughter Ivanka to Capitol Hill to lobby for them.

The White House may also call for passage of an Obama-era background check proposal that was strongly opposed by Republicans.

“Ivanka Trump spoke with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin to hear about the background check bill he proposed back in 2013 with Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey,” The Washington Examiner reports. “The bill, which was originally introduced after the Sandy Hook shooting, would force background checks for nearly all commercial gun sales.”

A national “red flag” law and expanded background checks would be the biggest expansion of federal gun control since the 1994 Clinton gun ban, and would embolden liberals to seek even greater restrictions.