Environmentalists vandalize auto dealership as US Democrat proposes ‘car buyback’


Environmentalists are blocking railroads into car manufacturing plants destroying car dealerships and holding “anti-car” protests, as at least one U.S. Democratic presidential candidates proposes dealing with gasoline-powered cars the same way as illegal guns.

Environmentalists in Germany are demanding car manufacturers stop selling vehicles customers ask for, and instead only produce unwanted “small cars” and even planning to disrupt a prominent Frankfurt auto show.

“Climate activists are calling for demonstrators to join anti-car protests during the car show, known as the IAA, which is due to take place from September 12 to 22,” Reuters reports.

“The car industry has always fought against tougher policies. We would be happy if that changed but actions are more important than words,” warned Ernst-Christoph Stolper, the deputy leader of the BUND environmental group.

Indeed, environmentalists are taking action.

“More than 40 luxury vehicles were vandalised at a car dealership in Kronberg on the outskirts of Frankfurt last month, while climate activists also occupied railway lines supplying Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory,” Reuters reports.

Here in the United States, environmentalists are going even further than demanding car makers sell more unpopular vehicles.

During CNN’s “Climate Crisis” town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed a “buy back” plan for gasoline-powered cars.

The Obama administration already tried a “Cash For Clunkers” program intended to make Americans buy electric cars, which failed to achieve any of its goals.

Hammered by the failure of that program, environmentalists have demanded Democrats take stronger measures to confiscate gasoline-powered cars.

The term “buy back” is the same term Yang and others use for their plans to make many guns illegal, then use a “buy back” program to confiscate them, before moving on to arresting those who still own the banned product.