Clean Dishes Faster Thanks to Trump


How can an American President get your dishes cleaner faster?

Well, he’s not coming by in an apron to scrub pots and pans but he’s doing the next best thing.

President Trump’s Department of Energy recently granted a rule making petition from the Competitive Enterprise Institute to do an end run around old federal restrictions on dishwashers and get more efficient dishwashers back on the market.

As you may know, federal regulators have stuck their noses into every nook and cranny of our lives in recent years.

That includes our dishwashers. If you have ever wondered why new dishwashers take forever to “clean” dishes, look no further than federal regulations which have made these machines less efficient.

Bureaucrats demanded dishwashers use less and less water and since bureaucrats have gotten involved in dish washing, average cycle time has doubled! This means is takes twice as long to clean our dishes than it used to.

In addition, dishes aren’t getting cleaned. Just look at what one consumer wrote:

“The cycle time is way too long, running for 4 hours and still not cleaning the dishes. I am currently in the process of hand washing a number of dishes that did not clean in last night’s 4-hour cycle.”

Unfortunately, the federal bureaucrats who wrote the dishwasher rule were smart enough to make sure no future administration could just eliminate their insane rules.

But the Competitive Enterprise Institute found a clever loophole.

They noted the correlation between the massive increase in cycle times and federal regulations. Then they cited the original law under which the regulations were issued: “that energy savings are not achieved through the loss of significant consumer features.”

Since all dishwashers using less than one hour to cycle through cleaning and drying were wiped out by the regulations, the Department of Energy could issue a new rule for a new category of dishwasher called “fast dishwashers.”

These dishwashers would NOT be subject to the old rules but would be regulated under new standards written by the Trump Department of Energy.

Right now, the Department of Energy is accepting comments on this new fast dishwasher rule.

Undoubtedly, the same Deep State bureaucrats who wrote the original rules will do everything they can to close this loophole.

You can help by submitting a comment on the new rule if you want to have a more efficient dishwasher or if you just want to stick it to the arrogant federal bureaucrats who made dishwashers less useful and tried to enshrine their malfeaseance into law forever.