VIDEO: Communists attack Trump supporters, torch US flag


A Communist organization operating in the United States set fire to the American flag and physically assaulted Trump supporters outside a Trump fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Members of “Revolution Club Los Angeles,” proudly posted to Twitter video of themselves shrieking “America was never great” as they set the American flag ablaze.

They surrounded the flaming flag and locked arms to prevent Trump supporters from rescuing it. Police had to physically separate the two groups as multiple fights broke out.

“All my years, I’ve never seen that,” said Gregg Donovan, a Trump supporter, told CBS Los Angeles “I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt.”

“That’s us who burned that rag cuz the Trump/Pence are fascists & the Democrats are war criminals & we need REVOLUTION!” tweeted the Communist group.

“When a fascist who’s torturing ppl in concentration camps, threatening Iran, & attacking the homeless comes to your city… What do YOU do? While most ppl in LA stayed home, a determined group from the Rev Club sent a msg 2 Trump: F##k you & the sh#thole system u rule over!,” the group tweeted, without the profanity edited.

Good News!

Although President Donald Trump is getting into it with California Democrats over car emissions, homelessness, and refusing to pick up their budget debts he’s really resonating with the Republicans and conservatives trapped in LaLa Land. In one weekend he picked up $15 million for his re-election campaigns. To put this in context, Californian Democratic contender Kamala Harris took three months to raise this amount!