Woman blows up Beto: ‘Hell no, you’re not taking my gun’ (VIDEO)


Beto O’Rourke tore the mask off the anti-gun movement, revealing that Democrats do, in fact, want to confiscate commonly owned rifles from every American.

He hoped it would boost his chances of winning the Democrat presidential nomination, but his campaign has gone nowhere.

And now he’s getting blown up at his own campaign events.

O’Rourke held a “town hall” in Aurora, Colorado where in between casual profanities his advisers tell him makes him “relateable,” he took questions from the audience.

Bad idea.

He called upon a tiny woman near the front, probably expecting a softball question.

She served up some chin music.

After thanking O’Rourke for calling upon her, she challenged him:

“Gun-owning Americans who heard your speech and heard what you had to say, regarding ‘Hell yes,’ we’re going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s,” she said.

That’s when the crowd began screaming and shrieking. O’Rourke had to calm them down so he could hear the question.

“Well, I am here to say, hell no, you’re not,” she continued, calmly and matter-of-factly.

“I would like to know how you intend to legislate evil, because it is not the gun, it is the heart of the man who does that,” she said.

That’s when the mob began howling to try and down her out. O’Rourke had to again try to quiet the enraged crowd.

“We all have these stories, we all have these experiences” she calmly continued. ““I was living in Aurora during Columbine, I had just recently moved when the Aurora shootings happened, I have very closes ties here. Yet all of those people were there defenseless…”

That’s when a woman in the crowd began screaming “NO, THEY WEREN’T!!! NO, THEY WEREN’T!!!,” ignoring the fact that of the seven movie theaters within 20 minutes of the shooter’s home that had midnight showings, he picked the only one that banned customers from carrying concealed even though it wasn’t the closest or easiest to access.

“They had no way to defend themselves against a crazed shooter,” the woman continued. “So I want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men, and leave American citizens like myself, American mothers–I have 4 children, I am 5’0″, 100 pounds, cannot really defend myself with a fist.”

One man questioned why the woman needed an AR-15.

I don’t have my AR-15 today. I have my Glock,” she replied.

“Well, you shouldn’t have it,” the man replied.

“Don’t worry, sir. I have your back,” she replied.

The crowd began screaming at her again.

” I want to know how you’ll legislate that because a criminal…breaks the law, so all you’re going to do is restrict law-abiding citizens like myself,” said said.

“Well as know that you, sir, have a criminal history, and I understand that…” she continued.

That’s when the crowd went ballistic, screaming and shrieking to try and silence her.

We all know burglars do not like armed defense, yet that is a right that we have that shall not be infringed,” she said, as the mob howled like animals.

Bootlicker!” a man shouted at her — even though she literally just cited a document written by people who overthrew a king.

O’Rourke didn’t directly answer the question but tried to cough up prepared talking points. “This doesn’t happen in other countries,” said O’Rourke, ignoring the fact America’s gun crime rate is lower than that of dozens of other countries.

He then gave a stumbling, rambling speech about talking to trauma surgeons and accused gun supporters of “fear.”

O’Rourke claims his gun confiscation plan will work because “Americans obey the law,” despite his own arrests for drunk driving and trespassing.