#FakeNews steps in it AGAIN: Whistleblower story BLOWS up in their faces

Image: Twitter

In case you missed it, the Fake News once again thought they had President Donald Trump dead to rights on an impeachable offense.

This time it was a co-called whistleblower who claimed the President unduly pressured the President of the Ukraine to investigate Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

You can see the President take fire from the fake news and he easily rebuffs their attack:

It, of course, turns out the so-called whistleblower never heard the call and the Ukrainian Foreign minister did not take the President’s questions as undue pressure.

The story gets better for the President . . . and much worse for both the fake news and for Joe Biden.

The rush to take on Trump over the Ukraine opens the door to a massive, but not so strangely ignored, scandal involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, a corrupt energy company and billions of dollars of taxpayer money used to protect Hunter Biden.

The President boiled down the allegations against the Biden’s so even the fake news can follow them:

And the Trump campaign brought the actual video out from the memory hole. Play to the end to see Joe Biden publicly say unless the Ukraine fires the prosecutor investigating his son, they will not get a billion dollars!

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani piled on with brand new allegations which implicates the Biden’s and by extension Barack Obama:

Will this be the body blow that sinks the Biden campaign?

Will the fake news regret their wild accusations which were quickly disproved yet again and turned against one of their own?

And it’s not as if Hunter Biden is a nice guy. He  dumped his wife for his late brother’s widow, he has squandered his family’s money on hookers, strip clubs and drugs, according to divorce papers obtained by The Post. He was kicked out of the Naval Reserve for testing positive for cocaine. And yet, because The Swamp looks after its own, he received favors from Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.