Amazon Announces Glasses and a Ring That Will Spy On You


If it isn’t enough that your toilet will be spying on you in the future, tech behemoth Amazon announced two new products designed to keep surveillance on you almost all the time.

Echo Frames are a pair of Alexa-enables glasses frames with microphones and a speaker.

Echo Loop is a ring also with microphones and a speaker.

Amazon paints a wondrous future with your always-listening devices:

“Paired with your phone, this ring lets you access information throughout the day,” Amazon writes. “It’s super easy to connect with Alexa without breaking stride or digging out your phone, for those simple things like turning on the lights or calculating the tip on your lunch bill. Simply press a button, talk softly to Alexa, and then the answer comes discretely through a small speaker built into the ring.”

Your thoughts on wearing spy equipment or on wondering if anyone you meet on the street is wearing it may differ from Amazon’s glowing portrayal.

These new devices will not be too expensive as the frames will retail for $179.99 and the Loop will cost $129.99 for the introduction period. However, as pointed out here, that’s not where Amazon expects to make the real money:

Since Amazon has already admitted they have employees listen in on conversations through Alexa-enabled products, these new products open a whole new can of worms.

Is the guy standing next to you at the bus stop wearing a listening device and is transmitting every word you say back to Amazon HQ?

Source: Amazon News Twitter