Cartoon: Coup Number Two


They are re-running the playbook from the first Russian hoax with a lot of the same characters playing the same roles.

As Americans for Limited Government Robert Romano put it:

In sum, a politically motivated CIA complaint against President Trump on Ukraine policy has led instantly to an impeachment push by Democrats in the House of Representatives. Was that the point?

Perhaps it was, as Romano notes, that not only was Trump’s action legal but it strikes at the heart of Conspiracy 1.0:

Note the favor asked was on getting to the bottom of Spygate, not Biden. Which, by the way, is perfectly legal under the U.S.-Ukraine Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty of 1998, which enables partner countries to cooperate on law enforcement matters.

Here, Trump is implicating that his administration is looking directly at Crowdstrike, the firm hired by the Democratic National Committee to look into the 2015 and 2016 hacks of the DNC servers, where its emails were eventually published on Wikileaks in July 2016, and who pointed the finger at Russia.

As Special Counsel, Robert Mueller brought an indictment on July 13, 2018 of several Russians said to be GRU intelligence operatives who Mueller alleged hacked the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and gave the emails to Wikileaks to be published.

So, as cartoonist A.F. Branco nimbly demonstrates, this may be as much an impeachment attempt as a coverup!

This cartoon was published at Comically Incorrect.