Another Massive Biden Scandal Breaking


Hold the phone. It sure seems like Hunter Biden was the conduit for more than corrupt energy deals with the Ukraine.

The President was forthright on what to call the series of “deals” between Communist Chinese-controlled companies and shady investment companies run by Hunter Biden.

“I’m sure that President Xi does not like being under that kind of scrutiny, where billions of dollars is taken out of his country by a guy that just got kicked out of the Navy. He got kicked out of the Navy, all of the sudden he’s getting billions of dollars. You know what they call that? They call that a payoff.” 

Journalist Peter Schweizer chronicled many of the shady deals cut by Hunter Biden, some with the very real help of his powerful father, the sitting Vice President of the United States at the time.

For example, a mere 2 weeks after Hunter and Joe Biden flew in Air Force Two to China, Hunter’s fledgling investment firm signed a $1.5 Billion deal with a subsidiary of the state owned Bank of China.

Another deal forged by the Biden’s close connection with China included one with China General Nuclear Power Corp. (CGN), a state-owned energy company involved in the construction of nuclear reactors.

In 2016, CGN was accused of stealing nuclear secrets some of which resembled power plants used on America’s most advanced nuclear submarines.

There are a laundry list of other shady deals including a partnership with James Bulger, the nephew (and namesake) of notorious mob hitman James “Whitey” Bulger.

Don’t expect to hear much about this on your network news or in the mainstream media. They have other propaganda to push.

Chuck Kennedy [Public domain]