Antifa Riot Outside Trump Campaign Rally in Minnesota


So much for Minnesota nice.

Crazed left wing radicals spent their evening not engaged in peaceful free speech like the Trump campaign did but in violence, intimidation and wanton destruction.

The side that demands tolerance seemed to be in short supply of it on this day:

Perhaps they would rather go protest in Hong Kong . . . on second thought they wouldn’t want to upset their ideological brothers the Chinese Communists.

I certainly hope these protesters bought enough carbon credits to offset the environmental effects of their temper tantrum.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you aren’t ready to commit craven acts of violence to advance your ideology, then you are fair game for the jackbooted thugs of the Left.

Of course the mainstream media framed the leftist rioting as: ” Supporters and protesters clashed Thursday night outside the Target Center after a rally for President Donald Trump.”

Oh and the police who used pepper spray to contain the out-of-control protesters were also blamed.

Now for what you won’t see . . . look at the Trump supporters juxtaposed with the violent leftwing protesters. Who do you think is responsible for the violence?

UPDATE: Spitting on Trump supporters is encouraged by the Left: