Not So Fast: Expert Says It’s Not So Easy to Climb Trump’s Wall


One of the most tired cliches spouted about President Trump’s border wall is that it can be defeated by simply climbing over it.

The President pointed out how the wall designs made it terribly difficult for anyone but well equipped and experiences climbers to do so. That did not stop the media from trying to attack the President’s claims like they do in the video below.

However an experienced rock climber easily takes apart the media’s attempt to demean President Trump’s border wall claims:

I notice that all the climbers pictured climbing the narrow wall section used the edge of the top panel to get over. 

On the real wall, there would be no vertical edge of the continuous upper panel, so that couldn’t be used for climbing past it.  

Hence this “proof of climbability” is bogus. 

I started rock climbing over 60 years ago, and in my opinion, it would take a really hairy dynamic move to get past the panel, if the edge wasn’t available.  Very few people could make this move, and virtually nobody would attempt it unbelayed

It’s yet another example of you not getting the whole story from a biased media machine.

The wall could possibly be climbed with some special aids, such as movable steps one could place at the top.  They could be supported somewhat like tree stands used by hunters.  One could also place a hanging ladder over the top (similar to the escape ladders built for large basement window wells.) 

As for free climbing the wall (with no equipment) I haven’t yet seen it done.