Hillary’s been to London, pissed off the press, met Meghan, and announced she might run again

From the Daily Mail: https://dailym.ai/2Of7H4r

Hillary apparently wanted to “hug Meghan” over “racist” press attacks and urged her to “hang in there.” Apparently the Brits are a bit pissed off that Meghan is always lecturing people on climate and then climbing on board another private jet. She doesn’t like people taking her photo nor the intrusion into her life. Get a grip sweetheart – you’re married to a British Royal. The UK taxpayers just blew £2.4 million on their sweet new pad in a protected park safely located 25 miles from the paparazzi and still she’s whining.

The Brits are going off Meghan fast and to see HRC hugging baby Archie just a day after she attacked Britain from failing to expose Russian influence in elections (?) and saying that Margaret Thatcher wasn’t “gutsy” is boiling some peoples’ blood.