NZ database leaks private info on 70K gunowners

Image Credit: Pixabay, designwebjae,, CC 0.0, Public Domain

Not only are gun registration databases a prescription for tyranny, they’re a goldmine for thieves and hackers.

New Zealands’ 1NewsNow reports:

Police say they are investigating after a member of the public made them aware of a potential privacy breach involving the firearms buyback programme…

…Shortly before the Police press release, a statement was sent out by Fair and Reasonable, which is a anti-buyback lobby group run by the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO).

COLFO described the issue as a “data breach”, and claimed that information on more than 70,000 notifications had been visible to the public.

The information reportedly included details about licensed firearms owners, their firearms and their bank account numbers.

American gun owners are also at risk. Past audits by the Justice Department’s Inspector General found federal agents were retaining records on gun owners, in violation of the law.

Several Democrat candidates for president have proposed using credit cards to track and monitor gun owners, and to deny the sales of guns for which they can’t pass legislation to ban. Under the Obama administration, the federal government threatened banks which allowed gun sellers to be customers, forcing federally-licensed dealers to find new banks to stay in business.

Any expansion of the federal National Instant Check System would almost certainly track and monitor banking information, creating a treasure trove of information for criminals and rogue government elements.