Twitter Censorship Now Explicit

Source: You Tube Tim Brown

Twitter has gone out of its way to deny it censors speech for partisan political reasons.

However, numerous investigations have concluded that Twitter and other Silicon Valley bigwigs use something called “shadowbanning” to make sure opinions they don’t like reach a mainstream audience.

Now, Twitter has quietly changed its Terms of Service (TOS) to make their political censorship clear.

If you want to know exactly how and what “shadowbanning” is, check out these clips from a Project Veritas undercover investigation.

In it you will see exactly how Twitter manipulates its search results to ensure an opinion it doesn’t like stays hidden from most Twitter users.

Here is another way the fake news media is using to silence dissent. Just remember shadowbanning the next time you see a headline in the fake news about how ALL of Twitter is enraged at the latest Trump thing. It’s most likely an unrepresentative sample from only those whom Twitter allows to speak.