109 Incidences of “Fake News”

Image: sharylattkisson.com

Sharyl Attkisson claims to be a non-partisan journalist. She famously resigned from CBS in 2014 citing the network’s liberal bias. She has certainly done the world a great service with this massive piece of research challenging errors in the mainstream media related to Donald Trump and his family. Attkisson published her “definitive list” of media errors in the Trump era on her own website. It’s a long list and includes genuine mistakes and deliberate and malicious mis-reporting.

The first entries start in mid-2016 and they go through to now. Click on the link below to read them in detail. You’ll discover that the MLK statue was not removed in a racist statement, that the Polish First Lady did not snub the President, that Trump is very aware Japanese cars are built in the US and uncover many other slurs!

109 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List