The Virginia Senate has passed a Bill that allows transgender people to get new birth certificates in their gender of choice.

Image: Virginia Governor Northam

The Virginia Senate passed a bill earlier this week that would allow a person who changed their sex to have a new birth certificate issued, something that the transgender community said will help eliminate problems experienced when their legal identification doesn’t match their transition.

Senate Bill 657 would allow a person to receive a new birth certificate to reflect a change of sex, without the requirement of surgery. The individual seeking a new birth certificate also may list a new name if they provide a certified copy of a court order of the name change.

The bill requires proof from a health care provider that the individual went through “clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition.” The assessment and treatment is up to the medical provider. There is not a specific standard approach for an individual’s transition. Treatment could include any of the following: counseling, hormone therapy, sex reassignment surgery, or a patient-specific approach from the medical provider.

This opens up the whole issue of ID to a number of abuses and serious legal questions. For instance, in a state out-lawing same sex marriage what happens to the person who reidentifies? How about tracing people if they go missing? Or working a crime scene with male blood DNA and only female suspects? How about Selective Service requirements?

There’s a very good chance this Bill will be signed into law by “Coonface” Northam, the Democrat Governor of Virginia. The state suffered in the 2019 elections and the House of Delegates and the Senate both turned deep blue. Northam and his Lieutenant Governor were both mired in scandals and are bending over backwards to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of the super-progressive liberals in Northern Virginia. Northam is a former obstetrician who has advocated for killing babies after birth. He is famous in the Old Dominion for his college yearbook photo where he is either the black-faced man or the KKK klansman. Apparently he can’t recall which.

Don’t be like Virginia!

If it could happen in Virginia, it could happen anywhere. Beware! The progressive agenda has led to allowing abortion at full term, limits on magazine size and other firearms restrictions, a green new deal clampdown on fossil fuels and drilling, and a possible overturning of the “Right-to-Work” laws (payback to Big Labor). Soros and Bloomberg both dumped large sums of money into the state to ensure the state legislature was engulfed. The situation is so bad that West Virginia has offered to take in counties that wish to cede from Virginia!