Make Rush Well Again


There’s been a lot of hate over on Twitter since Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that he has Stage 4 lung cancer. A couple of examples are shared below.

So, let’s just take a moment to say thanks A.F. Branco for creating a Get Well card from the sector of society who is thankful to Rush for boosting the new medium of Talk Radio, where conservatives can escape the liberal agenda for a moment. Let’s thank him for all his fund-raising for – ironically – anti-cancer charities. And let’s thank him for taking all that flak for the right wing when the left wants to hurt us.

He’s been on the radio for decades. Has he said a few rash or intemperate or ill-considered spur -of-the-moment comments in that time? Sure, he has. And many of them he subsequently apologized for. Sensible people don’t believe for a second he’s a racist (Hi there, Bo Snerdly!) and we know he’s a Christian. We get that if you’re one of the hip, new woke crowd, you’re not going to like his jazzing of homosexuals, but would Rush hurt anyone, or call for their hurt? We don’t think so.

We’re signing Branco’s card. Get better, Rush. We still need you. Pass it on.