All that whining about how unprepared we were! BS!


Guess where we are in global rankings? Well, The GHS Index is the first comprehensive assessment of global health security capabilities in 195 countries and it measures us as outstandingly well prepared.

Although they were generally very worried about global response, the USA and the UK did quite well. These were their general conclusions.

  1. National health security is fundamentally weak around the world. No country is fully prepared for epidemics or pandemics, and every country has important gaps to address.
  2. Countries are not prepared for a globally catastrophic biological event.
  3. There is little evidence that most countries have tested important health security capacities or shown that they would be functional in a crisis.
  4. Most countries have not allocated funding from national budgets to fill identified preparedness gaps.
  5. More than half of countries face major political and security risks that could undermine national capability to counter biological threats.
  6. Most countries lack foundational health systems capacities vital for epidemic and pandemic response.
  7. Coordination and training are inadequate among veterinary, wildlife, and public health professionals and policymakers.
  8. Improving country compliance with international health and security norms is essential.

However, in the Health category, we did show that we are well out ahead of the rest of the world.

4.1) Health capacity in clinics, hospitals and community care centres
4.2) Medical countermeasures and personnel deployment
4.3) Healthcare access
4.4) Communications with healthcare workers during a public health emergency
4.5) Infection control practices and availability of equipment
4.6) Capacity to test and approve new medical countermeasures

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